Education by Telephone
We are glad that you have chosen to help you complete your Bankruptcy Education requirement by telephone.

To obtain your Bankruptcy Education course by telephone, please follow these two easy steps:

Step 1: Call at 1-888-425-3453 and one of our representatives will complete your registration for the course.

Step 2: In order to begin the course, you will need to pay a fee of $55 plus $4 for shipment of the Debtor Education material, unless your attorney has already paid these amounts to or has provided you with an attorney code. To those clients who have returned to for the Pre-discharge Debtor Education requirement, we offer a reduced rate of $45 plus $4 for shipment of the course material. In some cases, you may qualify to have your fee reduced or waived. . Note: Please indicate whether you prefer your course handbook in English or Spanish.

Upon completion of your registration, will send you a handbook along with instructions which will include a toll free 800 number to call at your convenience. A Certificate of Completion will be issued once the course has been completed. provides quality financial education and counseling and has helped thousands of individuals and families, like you, complete their Bankruptcy Education requirement.

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